Receivables management

Profitable outsourcing

Outsourcing your receivables management to Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH allows you to concentrate completely on your core competencies. And this is a good thing..

How much you want to benefit from our professional receivables management depends entirely upon your requirements and/or your in-house capacities and expertise. Whether you opt for our all-inclusive package for debtor management or “only” for the pre-court debt collection process or for example “only” for the telephone debt collection service – the result is always the same: Fewer outstanding debts.

Learn on the next pages what precisely you can expect from us, in writing, by phone or in person in the out-of-court debt collection process, in the in-court debt collection process or in the enforcement proceedings. We will do this for you. It’s a promise!

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