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Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH is actually at home in the field of bulk debt collection for larger companies. In recent years, however, ever more small and medium-sized companies have enquired about solutions and possible collaborations.

And in 2011, we developed our Check+Collect service for these companies. Now even SMEs with a more modest number of outstanding receivables can benefit from our know-how and experience.

Being online-based, Check+Collect offers price-conscious small and medium-sized companies practical tools to organise their receivables management themselves (including credit rating check and dunning) in a professional manner.

Are you interested in Check+Collect? Then let us know. Fill out our user-friendly form “Request information” on the right hand side of the screen.

Check+Collect is a registered trademark of Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH.

Your Receivables management needs to be efficiently expertly optimally managed?



  • No basic, annual or membership fee

  • Free download of the Check + Collect plug-in and description at

  • Receivables submission and administration directly in Shopware

  • Inexpensive risk management (e.g. for purchase on account of end consumers) directly in Shopware

  • Fast update phase for shop release changes, language and subshop compatible

  • Additional credit check of business customers through company information via the ADU

What does it require?

  • Requirements for installing the Check + Collect plugin: Shopware according to the compatibility list, PHP 5.3.2 and MySQL 5.1.0 or higher.

  • Registration with ADU-Inkasso

What is it doing?

  • Check - Inexpensive credit checks

    With the integrated credit check of the Check + Collect plug-in, shop operators can not only carry out manual credit checks, but also automatically control risk management with the credit report and limit the selection of payment methods (e.g. purchase on account, direct debit) for the online shopper in the checkout process.

  • Collect - certified debt collection

    With the Check + Collect plug-in, shop operators can easily and conveniently carry out their accounts receivable management within their familiar environment. Simply install the plugin and register with ADU-Inkasso. The receivables are handed over at the push of a button or via cron job and the current status of the receivables can be viewed in the clear file overview. The debt collection plug-in is fully integrated, the processing and management of claims is designed to be user-friendly, so that the functions of the plug-in are easy to carry out for the shop operator.


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