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Your Receivables management needs to be efficiently expertly optimally managed?

ADU Inkasso

Our Approach

Our debtor management system gives you the maximum amount of time to concentrate on your core competencies. We also call it our all-inclusive package. Even before the invoice is issued, you give us all of the relevant client data in a secure electronic format. We then deal with everything else.

Starting from the issuing of the invoice (on your own letter-headed paper of course) through to receipt of the payment, we track things as they progress. If periods of grace or deadlines are exceeded, we initiate on your behalf the process of modern receivables management.

The best thing is: this type of debtor management means that tardy payers do not have to be immediately confronted with pre-court debt collection measures. Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH namely first brings outstanding receivables to the attention of your clients using your letter-headed paper and reminds them to pay. At the same time, we inform the recipient of a “impending” debt collection process and the other steps associated with this. At this point in time, merely reminder fees are charged. Experience shows that many debtors react quickly even now. The good thing for you: modest costs and at least one business relationship that is still intact.


We guarantee:

  • no tricks!

    This type of accounts receivable management makes it possible not to immediately confront defaulting payers with pre-judicial collection measures.

  • first the warning ..

    The Allgemeine Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH first reminds your customers about outstanding receivables on their letterhead and reminds them to pay.

  • .. then the friendly reminder

    At the same time, we inform the recipient of an “imminent” collection procedure and the associated further steps. At this point only reminder fees are charged.

  • “Time is money” - contact us now!

    Experience shows that many debtors are already reacting quickly. The good thing for you: lower costs and an intact business relationship.


Essential for us: cooperation!

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