Out-of-court debt collection process

Out-of-court debt collection process

The pre-court debt collection process represents the focus of our activities. And this is where our RIF principle takes effect. This is because if we can successfully enter into discussions with your debtors we can save you and them protracted legal proceedings and therefore achieve your objective quicker: Receipt of the payment.

In writing
Generally, the first step is the documented debt collection process. A concept agreed together with you serves as a basis in order to deal appropriately with various target groups and different receivables.

And because time is money we also use state-of-the-art technology for the documented debt collection process. This allows us to react quickly and process large volumes of data. Following receipt of your order, we can react with a first letter to the debtor within two working days. And of course, every communication with tardy payers is saved in our file archive. In this way, we can also keep you up to date with events reliably and in detail.

Telephone debt collection
It’s no secret: it is easier to reach agreements based on a personal conversation and therefore achieve quicker results in a debt collection process. For this reason, our in-house call centre only uses employees who have been successfully trained in our RIF principle for our telephone debt collection system. Tactical skill and outstanding know-how in receivables management are a key feature of our specialists on the telephone. The outcome: Astonishing success rates.

The personal touch in field service
The personal touch in field servicesShould both written communications and dialogue on the telephone have brought no success, another option Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH can offer its clients is an on-site visit. Employees specially trained for these missions look to meet the debtor face-to-face in order to get the outstanding receivables paid off. They are discrete and respectable, but they never lose sight of your objective. Never!

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