Debt collection supervision system

Debt collection supervision system

Our debt collection supervision system is a good thing. At least for you. This is because enforcement proceedings are usually unsuccessful at first, for example, because the debtor at this juncture is simply not able to pay, we keep our eye on the debtor on your behalf. And for a long time. A very long time. This is because obtaining an instrument of indebtedness entitles the owner to settlement of the claims as soon as the economic circumstances of the debtor permit. An instrument of indebtedness is only barred by the statute of limitations after 30 years.

The debt collection supervision system of Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH therefore ensures that changes to your debtors’ economic circumstances are not missed. As soon as it appears that settlement of the instrument of indebtedness may be possible, we take action and inform you.

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